Advocacy Toolkit 

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Purpose of the Advocacy Toolkit:

1.  MSSWA hopes to empower school social workers to find your advocacy comfort level and to reach beyond it.

2. This toolkit will provide resources to increase your knowledge about how to be an effective advocate at the micro, mezzo and macro levels for the children and families you serve, as well as how to promote the role, expertise and value school social workers bring to the educational team.

The Necessity of Engaging in Macro Advocacy:

Advocacy is woven throughout our practice and is a continuum from which we engage in our work. Within our NASW Code of Ethics sections 6.01-6.04 NASW, we are reminded of our responsibilities to the broader society compelling each of us to "advocate for the living conditions conducive to the fulfillment of basic human needs and should promote social, economic, political and cultural values and institutions that are compatible with the realization of social justice." In addition engagement in "social and political action that seeks to ensure equal access to the resources, employment, services, and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs and to develop fully" is fundamental to our practice. Thus, macro advocacy is a critical component to our practice not only to promote our profession but to be a voice for the students, families and communities we serve. Our unique understanding of systems such as family, education, and mental health provides us with the knowledge to educate others about how these systems intersect and impact each other positively and negatively.

What is in the Advocacy Toolkit? 

2022 Legislative Agenda 

Commonly asked questions about School Social Workers 

Advocacy letter to Administrators 

Advocacy letter & call script to Representatives 

MSSWA Brochure 

MSSWA Back to School Student Brochure 

Policy Briefing 

Confidentiality Posters (poster 1; poster 2; poster 3

2022 Legislative Priorities 

Elevating and Diversifying SW Profession

Medical Assistance Reimbursement for Mental Health Services Provided by SSW’s on an IEP/IFSP.

Funding for Specialized Instructional Support Personnel HF1742 

MN MTSS Definition HF3401 Sec 8 121A.201

School Social Workers Improving Success Act - Rep. Gwen Moore WI & Rep. Barbara Lee CA 

Mental Health Services and Early Childhood Social Workers 

School-based Mental Health Screening 

2022 MSSWA/Legislative  Activities 

Meeting with MDE Government Relations

Participation in ED MN Special ED Task Force 

Joint advocacy with MSPA, MSCA, SNOM, EDMN 

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